What Went Well

  • While I was wishing the girls goodbye and a safe trip to Kelowna, Syndey entrusted me with taking care of her plant, Tori. Even though I haven't known her long, I really felt inspired by the trust she showed in me

  • I finally mustered the courage to make it out to the Noir Fetish Ball. Building confidence by going to events that I had been hesitant to before. And I got to meet several friends there and had a good time :)

  • On the same vein, I took the SkyTrain to Noir instead of driving myself there, which meant I was in costume the whole time but toughed it out and managed to do it. It was both thrilling and nerve wracking to do.

  • Had a great time working on the procedural world I'm working on, messing with the interplay between different systems. Solved several problems and watched as 4-5 hours disappeared into flow. It was very fulfilling to work on coding my own projects once again.


What Went Well

  • Ran into Tiff this morning on the SkyTrain heading into work. We sat and talked for a bit before she had to get off at Renfrew. It's nice connecting with people I don't get to see often. It reassures me that people like me and want to be my friend, even though they may not have spoken to me in a while. Also ran into Cassie while out at Blenz on her day off. :)

  • Figured out a semi-difficult problem while at work, which opens up lots more possibilities. I doubled back and took the time to get a good implementation of it as well, so that I don't have to hack in new features. This is good because it shows I have a handle on the project.

  • I've been reading a bunch of stuff from squidi.net and I'm excited because I want to implement some of the ideas in an actual game. I find the information inspiring, and it raises some good points in my head. I started researching a few new things and writing a bit of code aimed towards some of the ideas.

  • I had a nice chat with Kate and she mentioned that she used to do programming (with C#). I hope to have a chance to talk with her more about our common interest, because I don't have many other people I can talk to about programming outside of work. More contacts in this skill area is always a big perk.


What Went Well

  • I went around the office today offering some of the chocolate I brought today and feeling good about people's smiling faces as I did so. I think that it gave people a short positive break from their day, even those that didn't accept it, because it meant that I so much about the workplace that I want to give something to everyone.

  • Had a great hour-long planning conversation with Aaron today. It set the framework for more development and gave me some good inspiration to work forward from.

  • The concert by Amanda Wood was terrific. Fire and I were there being flirty and affectionate, and I especially liked it when she'd run her fingers through my hair and tug on it.

  • When we were getting to leave, I approached Amanda and told her she did a great job. She replied that she'd noticed we were keeping rhythm and closing our eyes for the softer parts, that we were really getting into it. It felt great to be noticed and complimented by the person who had been performing. I have a really positive presence to be noticed like that.

  • To top it all off, when I was on my way home, I found that Jen had looked me up on Facebook and added me. We had a short and fun message exchange afterwards that was energizing. I'm really looking forward to seeing her this next week, and she's been really chatty and friendly towards me lately.